System of Systems for Earth Understanding
System of Systems for Earth Understanding

Earth Observation: from satellites to your mouse

Earth Observation: from satellite to your mouse


January 2016: GaiaG launches its Software as a Service (SaaS) that, by exploiting ESA’s and NASA’s Earth Observation satellites, helps you to monitor more than 50 environmental variables all over the Earth. GaiaG provides effective and fully automated Decision Support Systems (DSS) available to any kind of user who needs to monitor: solar radiation, wind, air, vegetation, land, soil, weather, sea & oceans, ice, cloud and security (fire, inundation, extreme weather events).

GaiaG’s Decision Support Systems are developed by combining satellite data with other data sources (ground-based sensors, manned and unmanned aircraft) and by including them in Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). The end products are well-structured and user-friendly web Decision Support Systems that are a source of key information for many environmental fields: renewable energies, precision agriculture, environmental security, smart grid & smart city, land cover mapping, sustainable development and any other business related to the environment.

Wherever you are you will be able to exploit all power of satellites to monitor in near real time your Area of Interest (a continent, a country, a city etc.) through a web user interface. GaiaG’s Decision Support Systems are developed to improve your decision-making processes quality and timeliness in order to save your time, minimize your costs and lead you to the best outcome.

Observing, Understanding, Suggesting. This is what GaiaG does for you in a completely automated way for each satellite pixel on the Earth surface. The revolution of Decision Making processes has started, try the free demo of our services.

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